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Alexis Alrich

The book forms the basis of a wonderful chamber music composition by Alexis Alrich. The musical piece is a unique way to bring a Chinese folktale to life using a harmonious mix of Chinese and Western classical instruments. The composition features an octet, using Chinese traditional instruments (erhu, dizi, guzheng) alongside Western classical instruments (violin, cello, clarinet, piano) and Chinese percussion, accompanied by narration of the story.

Alexis Alrich is an American composer living in Hong Kong. Her compositional style is influenced by French Impressionist music, West Coast Minimalism and Asian music. Her work has been played in Hong Kong by the City Chamber Orchestra of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong New Music Ensemble and in the Musicarama Festival. Ms. Alrich is the former director of the John Adams Young Composers Program in Berkeley, California. She plays the piano and studies erhu with Xu Hui of the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra.

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The composition was commissioned by Premiere Performances, a Hong Kong based classical music charity. The premiere of the concert was held in September 2014 at the Asia Society, Hong Kong Center.